And she says that while the recipients of this information find it interesting and fascinating, they tend not to stick around for much longer afterwards.

'I've been for the odd night out with a few guys I've met through friends.

36 year old woman dating-54

As a child, Charlotte watched with pain and anguish the silent antagonism between her parents, who separated when she was 14 and divorced when she was 18.

'I became aware when I was 11 that my parents weren't at all happy.

But it's a lot to take on and it does put a man off if he thinks that sex isn't a possibility.

'I can't think of one particular example, but the usual reaction is "Hmmm, that's interesting" and I know that's it, I won't be seeing them again.

There weren't any big bust-ups, but they were effectively leading separate lives and there was a coolness between them when they spoke.

'I could tell they weren't happy and I was very aware of all this as I was growing up. 'As I entered my teens, I watched what was going on and thought it be easier if I didn't go down the path of bothering with fellas. I knew I had a long time ahead of me and I wasn't in a rush.' Her parents were practising Church of England Christians and her father and grandfather members of the Salvation Army.

She decided she would 'wait' when she was just 11 years old, but, well, that was quite some time ago.

Today, at 36, Charlotte is still a virgin; she hasn't so much as even kissed a man. And why, as her mother asks her from time to time, does she go on with it?

I feel it's important to make them aware of the situation at the outset,' she says.