Two monitors, James Austin and Paul De Muro, were appointed to oversee compliance with the settlement agreement, with the state to pay the monitoring expenses.

The settlement, entered as a consent decree, will last up to five years “from the date that the YOU houses at least half of all youth who are, at that point in time, eligible for the YOU.” See: De Priest v.

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Prison How many facilities does MDOC have and where are they located?

parole, ISP (House Arrest), and Earned Release Supervision?

Mississippi public records are maintained by the state and made available for public use.

Find directories which link to official government websites, organized to search by city, county, or state.

Who is not eligible for MET or the earned time allowance? Who has the jurisdiction to revoke probation/post release supervision?

What do the different dates mean on an inmate’s timesheet? What if an inmate violates the terms of Earned Release Supervision (ERS)?

Filed under: Staff-Prisoner Assault, Prisoner-Prisoner Assault, GEO Group/Wackenhut, Cornell Corrections, Contractor Misconduct, Guard Misconduct, Guard Brutality/Beatings, Pepper Spray/Tear Gas, Restraints, Control Units, Juvenile Prisons. That development came shortly after a federal court announced sweeping changes at the GEO-run Walnut Grove Youth Correctional Facility (WGYCF) in Leake County, Mississippi following the settlement of a lawsuit. Evidence discovered at WGYCF reveals systemic, egregious and dangerous practices exacerbated by a lack of accountability and controls.”GEO Group’s spokesman blamed the abuses on Cornell Companies, the contractor that ran WGYCF before GEO bought Cornell in 2010.

Reutter Last year, the GEO Group – the nation’s second-largest for-profit prison company – announced that it was pulling out of its contracts to operate three Mississippi prisons. Finally, the report noted that some guards had gang affiliations.“A lot of times, the guards are in the same gang,” said former WGYCF prisoner Justin Bowling. If they wanted a cell popped open to handle some business about some fighting or something like that, it just pretty much happened.”The DOJ report concluded that the “State of Mississippi is deliberately indifferent to the constitutional rights of young men confined at WGYCF.

protected from violence and other physical or sexual abuse by staff and other youth or inmates.” The settlement further provides that physical force and “mechanical, physical or chemical restraints such as O. spray, pepper spray and mace” will not be used to punish youthful offenders. MTC also manages the Wilkinson County Correctional Center in Woodville, Mississippi.

Additionally, staff at the YOU are prohibited “from forcing inmates ... In May 2013, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ACLU filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging filthy, dangerous and violent conditions at the East Mississippi Correctional Facility.

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