"And then when we got older and Eddie [Fisher] left with Elizabeth, things changed, of course.

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For some, that's breaking the code and obviously a big no-no, but apparently, it happens all the time in Hollywood!

The amount of love triangles involving famous pals may surprise you, but we come across it time and time again.

Things fizzled, and a few years later, Mayer found himself in a rollercoaster relationship with Perry, who is also pals with T. Heather Locklear/Richie Sambora/Denise Richards: Talk about drama fo' yo mama!

Locklear and Richards were the closest of friends, but after Heather and Richie's marriage went downhill around the same time as Denise and Charlie Sheen, things changed.

Elizabeth Taylor/Eddie Fisher/Debbie Reynolds: This love triangle became one of Hollywood's most scandalous stories.

After her third husband, Mike Todd, died in an airplane crash, Taylor sought comfort in the arms of her good friend Debbie Reynolds' husband, Eddie Fisher. While that would usually cause any friendship to end forever, Reynolds and Taylor rekindled their kinship years later."Elizabeth and I were good friends when we were young—17," Reynolds once told .Before you knew it, Richards and Sambora became an item.Taylor Swift/Joe Jonas/Demi Lovato/Ashley Greene: Whoa now, here's a doozy!But that changed when the teen singer famously broke up with Duff amid speculation that he had hooked up with Lindsay Lohan who was also buddies with Hilary.bestie's relationship with her former long-time beau, Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti.Both Reed and Dobrev, incidentally, have been also linked to ' Dancing With the Stars' performer Derek Hough.