So I decided to try and talk into a voice recorder to help get me started. Ask about your worries, your sufferings, your fears, your suscess, your failures, your wishes... With time and experience, I learnt to sing and dance and make any kind of role plays in front of my learners and some coworkers but...Then I discover somthing weird I was way to nervous to... I'm a male from Europe who was recently diagnosed with Av PD.

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I feel so sad, and depressed because of it, I just think ending it all would be easy. by There is a guy at my volunteer place that I feel inferior to because he flirts with girls and get girl's phone numbers (I think at least) and for another reason (I am to scared to say). I fear so much being hurt and inevitably rejected that I avoid intimate relationships.

It also has to do with me not talking to girls in person and he is able to do it easily, plus my possible avpd and the fact that I don't talk to anybody male or... At times I push away people that I care about, become emotionally inconsistent, distant and detached. I am working on a master's degree in one field in which I work.

by I think I have Avoidant Personality Disorder, I have researched for different disorders for the past year and this one suits me the most.

I began searching last when I almost failed my final year degree project because I could not consult with my supervisor and worse did not hand in my project because I knew it was not good enough. by Hey guys, I've never officially been diagnosed with anything (need to avoid mental health professionals lol) but fit overwhelming amounts of diagnostic criteria for both social anxiety for the past almost 10 years and even AVPD.

I thought I would change after a decade but apparently like everyone: my childhood transfers into my adulthood. by Hey guys, this is like my first or second post ( I don't remember exactly). I can't imagine what the future has in store for me, it's quite worrisome actually to think about. The types of fantasy/daydream have varied over the years, but many of them are undoubedtly a coping mechanism, and a way to fight depression,...

Lately I've been having this obsessively aware of my loneliness. I have no friends at all, it's really amazing to say the least. by Hello Everyone :) I currently have this problem.

If you prioritised you, you’d never be in a situation where someone not only has the power to decide your fate, but to leave a crater sized hole in your life, because by handing out so much power, you’re bound to feel very rejected when it all goes tits up.

When you’re not co-choosing in a mutually beneficial relationship, it all becomes about one person working harder than the other, which by default assigns greater ‘value’ – they’re just not that special.

by I have been isolated for probably around 11 years now. At first I thought it was only just pure shyness and that it will disappear over time. There's just this enormous fear of trusting and being vulnerable to possible emotional pain. I know within the next 3 years there will be more (full-time) positions in the organization in which I work.

I have had friends before but only 1, 2 or 3 and only for a short time. There will be one new location, and the one I currently work at it moving, which will result in the need for more employees. by I recently found out that my ex-husband, who just moved back into the same city in which I live, started a job at the same company where by boyfriend works.

You may go for the easy, low-hanging fruit option and choose people that you perceive as being more likely to be with you.