The gun is found to have been triggered remotely via cell phone.

Russ says this makes the suspect list so vast, they need to use old-fashioned detective work and interview people, but Milt is able to use technology to triangulate the call to within a 2,000-square foot area that fortunately is also covered by video cameras.

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As Russ, Milt and the other detectives investigate, they are surprised to find that their boss has had 17 boyfriends over the last few years, and that she has a pattern of dating a guy for a while and then ending the relationship with no explanation.

This reveals several suspects, including a neighbor who made the 911 call for the fire.

Russ and Milt visit the man's home, only to find out from his two children living there that he died a short time ago.

It turns out the man wasn't a John, but instead a wealthy and successful businessman who is the real father of the deceased woman.

But Russ gets overzealous and interviews a suspect without the man's lawyer present, causing Commander Guziewicz to place him on suspension.

Milt finds a way to keep Russ involved in the case by hiring him as an FBI consultant.

Battle Creek is an American comedy-drama television series that premiered on CBS on March 1, 2015.

Starring Josh Duhamel and Dean Winters, the show followed the mismatched partnership of a police detective and FBI agent in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Lastly, they find that Guziewicz's estranged son, who was thought to be in a rehab facility in Florida, is actually back in town and staying in a Battle Creek halfway house.

Ultimately, the cause of the Commander's house fire is found to be a romantic gesture-gone-bad, attributed to the neighbor who made the 911 call.

CBS announced on May 8, 2015, after only 9 episodes had aired, that Battle Creek would end after 13 episodes and not continue for a second season. In September 2013, Sony Pictures Television announced that it struck a deal with CBS to produce a new television series created by Vince Gilligan titled Battle Creek based on a script written by Gilligan ten years prior.