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LIVE LONDON CONCERT 10th November 2017 at The National Portrait Gallery within the Cézanne exhibition, 6.30pm – FREE St.

Martin’s Pl, London WC2H 0HE During the Paul Cézanne exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, Anne Pigalle will be pondering on the meaning of the self, inspired by the artist’s work ( in an existentialist, erotic manner or not ) allthough her own songs and poetry suggest the latter – as well as exploring some Cézanne referencial material ♥ Floor 2 Room 20 List of tracks : MADAME SEX & L’ AME EROTIQUE Queen Maria / Ace of Spade / Madame Sex / The Land of Plenty / Letter to an imaginary lover / Over The Top / Pigalle, London, Paris / E-rotica De Toi/ C***t Me In/ Saint Orgasm / X Amount / The Whole / La Femme Chat / Not Only The Flesh / Sulfur /Are You For Real? Miss Pigalle has performed in : UK, USA, France, Mexico.

/You Give Me Asthma / 23 /La Pucelle / Nothing Happens…/Red Like Envy / A New Life / Le Poète Est Anglais/ The Garden of Eden / Voodoo Doll / Lunch RADIOP ITW 21st June 11pm Resonance 104.4 fm ANNE PIGALLE is a multi media artist, and the original Last Chanteuse ( see Wikipedia ) MADAME SEX is the current ART CD, it’ s only available on this website. Japan, Afrika, Switzerland, Spain, Italy,, Austria, Germany.

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