After Columbia, he landed in World War 2, met my mother in the South Pacific, and went to Arabia where I was born. Another generation, another time, I could have been a young man living in Girardville, working in the coal mines.

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See how the workers in this country were treated before they organized. Here's a glimpse of the conditions and the men who rose up against them: "The Molly Maguires were a secret society established in early-nineteenth-century Ireland to battle British landowners.

A number of them, forced to flee their homeland because of the mid-century famine, or because of charges brought against them by colonial authorities, found themselves in Pennsylvania's anthracite coal fields, living under conditions as bad as or worse than those they thought they'd left behind.

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the trial court disagreed, and entered a judgment declaring that the association should bear the expense of the repair cost.

Unfortunately, I managed to upset the owner who sped towards us on his quad bike, like a four wheeled dour version of Mr Mc Henry from the Magic Roundabout, to inform us I’d pitched a tent next [...] After meeting up with me as I sailed up the coast from Berwick to Arbroath, Katherine was due to depart on Wednesday 1st August.

Apart from meaning we were able to be together after much time apart, having Katherine to provide ‘shore support’ and follow me round the coast with the camper van had been [...] Light winds were forecast for Tuesday 31st July but the direction was favourable for a 20 nautical mile passage round Fife Ness and across the Firth of Tay to Arbroath.To understand what happened to Jack, you have to revisit the dark history of labor conditions in America.It's very common to hear Right Wing blowhards pontificate on the dire threat of organized labor - as they reminisce fondly about the Robber Baron days - but just go back and read about those times.In 1871, 112 men were killed in the anthracite mines, and 332 permanently injured. Take-home pay was uncertain; deductions were often arbitrary or at the whim of the owners by means of what they called the "bobtail check." A typical week's wages for a miner at the time of the Molly Mcguires was ; expenses, including rent, groceries, and a new drill, came to .03." To this day we hear about mining accidents where the company has cut corners on safety. Jack Kehoe's daughter married the brother of my grandfather, whom I never got to meet.In seven years, 556 men had been killed and 1,565 maimed or crippled for life. It still goes on, but of course, not like back then. Jack was the local leader of the Molly Maguires until the gang was infiltrated by a Pinkerton employee who ratted them out leading to many men being hanged.Maybe it's all the talk about executions in Iraq, but lately I've been thinking about members of my own family who've been hanged.