This is obvious from the fact that many of the pictures taken are from the ubiquitous camera-equipped mobile phone or, worse, a murky Internet café webcam shot.

But if you really wanted to have your pick from the crème de la crème of Cebu high society, you wouldn’t be doing it online would you?

Fittingly, Women’s Month is happening right in the middle of the heated UAAP women’s volley season.

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You would fly over and sample a night life every bit as vibrant as Manila’s, just without the old politicos or military types elbowing you out.

The pickings at Cebuanas is not large, a mere 320,000 members since the site went up three years ago.

Aside from the occasional milky complexion and haughty nose, they also have fiery temperaments that can erupt if you try running roughshod over them. Cebu and Cebuanas retain a tinge of that Old World flavor because the Spaniards landed here first in 1521, barely 29 years after Columbus made it to the West Indies.

Hence, the oldest Catholic basilica in Asia remains standing here.

Many half-breeds dominate, to this day, the great sugar plantations in nearby islands.

Since these patriarchs like to keep their daughters on a tight leash, the aristocratic young Filipinas go to college in Cebu City itself rather than to the teeming metropolis that is far Manila.

Continuing with my research for genuine Filipina pen pal and sweetheart sites that are worth your dollar, let me share an exciting niche find, are natives of Cebu province in the central Philippines, much like Latino ladies would prefer you call them “Mexicanas” or a beauty from Madrid is “Madrileña” or “Castillana” to you.

That’s right, Latin and Filipina ladies have a Spanish heritage in common.

Chances are the kind of respectable but adventurous Cebuanas you want to befriend and connect with long-term will feel a greater affinity with one of their own.