True love requires risk If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got.

Your understandable desire to stay safe and hope love somehow finds you will not work.

Let your motto be "I'd rather be single than settle! ) Trust when your intuition gives you a strong, unambiguous "YES!

" when you have found the love connection that meets your deepest desires.4.

I will probably check this book out from the library again this winter when I have a bit more time, and try to finish it.

But even if I never get all the way through to the end, even just the little I did read was very good, and quite helpful.

These programs provide multiple ways to make a significant difference in the world of relationships.

Providing training and helping our members get clients is our business, but our shared mission to help singles and couples is our primary reason for being.5.

These programs allow RCI members to market branded and proven classes, workshops, and coaching programs for singles and couples almost immediately after joining RCI (and many of our members fund their RCI training and membership this way).

Below is a partial list of RCI public service programs, branded content, and websites for singles and couples: Hosted by Relationship Coaching Institute, The Coach Resource Portal is the world’s first mobile app for the coaching profession and provides easy access to information and resources for new and experienced professional coaches.

These programs drive significant traffic to RCI members2.

These programs provide marketing platforms for RCI members to publish articles, give teleseminars and webinars to large audiences (recorded for future use), etc.4.

Finding your soul mate requires leaving your comfort zone, putting yourself out into the world, and taking emotional risks.