Firstly, I just wanted to say a big ‘Thanks‘ to everyone who read my last post, about Dating as a Single Parent – would you?

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Actually, I may just jump in with them.” There was a long pause on the phone and her reply was deadly serious, “Well I hope you will be wearing swimming shorts!

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She was attractive, seemed to have a good personality and I was on a high knowing that my situation of having two very young children for half of the time was; well, what I thought to be, pretty unappealing really.

I guess at the time it really did give me a confidence boost though – but long term you need to be with that person for the right reasons and an ego boost is definitely not a valid reason! ) While trying to get to know this person, it became apparent relatively quickly that there was no longevity in this potential relationship.

However, I knew there and then, we were fundamentally different and that ‘common’ understanding I am seeking, was just not there.

Dating someone without children does have it’s advantages, that person probably will have a lot more time to try and be flexible around whatever schedules you have with work/your children and that can really be a positive thing.

) I have heard a few people in the past say, that when they have dated people without children, things became hard, as the partner didn’t always feel like they were the centre of attention.

That person may struggle to understand the concept that a parent’s time ultimately has to be shared between them and the children – but for me, the children’s needs should always come first.

Either way, this is a conversation that ideally needs to happen upfront and early.

I suppose, the advantages of online dating, is that this work is usually done for you, as most conventional dating sites tend to ask for this information when creating a profile.

Sadly, I think some sections of society can be largely responsible for the above type reaction and really, it ought to come down to personal choice.

I am not here to try and educate people on what is right and wrong, I simply need someone to be on my wavelength rather than enforce what think is right on me.

I remember a situation whereby she got frustrated with me, I had the children and they were in bed one night and I was on the phone to her.