Those women working managerial and library or museums positions made an impact on women in the work force, but still encountered discrimination when they tried to advance.

In the 1940s clerical work expanded to occupy the largest number of women employees, this field diversified as it moved into commercial service.

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After completing training, some female nurses worked in hospitals, but most worked in field tents.

World War II marked the first time women began working in high-paying industrial jobs.

Women became involved with the church activities, a few went on to become president of the societies.

The women who joined these societies worked with their members some of whom were full-time teachers, nurses, missionaries, and social workers to accomplish their leadership tasks and make a difference. Navy as stenographers, clerks, and telephone operators.

These women would live in boarding houses costing $1.50 a week, waking at a.m. When women entered the paid workforce in the 1920s they were paid less than men because employers thought the women's jobs were temporary.

Employers also paid women less than men because they believed in the "Pin Money Theory", which said that women's earnings were secondary to that of their male counterparts.

One thousand female pilots joined the Women Airforce Service Pilots, one hundred and forty thousand women joined the Women's Army Corps and one hundred thousand women joined the U. The workers would sit on stools facing a wall with hundreds of outlets and tiny blinking lights; they had to work quickly when a light flashed plugging the cord into the proper outlet.

Despite the hassles many women wanted this job because it paid five dollars a week and provided a rest lounge for the employees to take a break.

Unfortunately, most women who worked in the factories did not earn enough money to live on and lived in poverty.

Throughout the 20th century certain women helped change women's roles in America.

In the United States, a pink-collar worker performs jobs in the service industry.