Seasonal effect: A little wind, a little drizzle Emotional effect: Emotionally hiking the PCT“Still Here”Stand-out lyric: “Girls in my bed and they don’t trip off first impressions / Girls all in your bed and they just ask a hundred questions”Is it about Rihanna? Also, as previously mentioned, she’s on the album — and if she betrayed Drake by talking about him or spilling the beans, . This is about Drake’s relationship expectations versus the reality in which his girlfriends and/or love interests find themselves.

Rihanna’s out running a few errands, so she’s not here for this song about Drake’s dedication to the rap game and his reflections on how far he’s come. Seasonal effect: A gentle rustling through the trees Emotional effect: Sure“Controlla”Stand-out lyric: “But you can’t just diss and come tell me sorry / You can’t listen to me talk and go tell my story”Is it about Rihanna? The thing is, reading into his lyrics, we know he’s capable of love, but his idea of it has been warped by fame and reality he’s currently living.

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Seasonal effect: Rain Emotional effect: Didn’t bring an umbrella, so now everybody’s upset“Feel No Ways”Stand-out lyric: “I tried with you / There’s more to life than sleeping in and getting high with you / I had to let us go to show myself what I could do”Is it about Rihanna?

Rihanna would not be Rihanna if she slept in and got high all the time, so we can eliminate her from the subject matter immediately. While “Hotline Bling” is about the audacity of an ex getting dressed up and going out with her friends after he moved away/they broke up, this echoes a similar sentiment (“I was only gone for the last few months / But you don’t have to wait on me”) in that Drizzy’s wrestling with his feelings, but knows it’s over. Drake, a man who is rightfully bragging about her in a song intended to make his nemeses feel stupid and small.

Rihanna would rather walk into the sea than go to The Cheesecake Factory. So here’s the thing: this song is loosely based on me. Seasonal effect: The sound of summer leaving Emotional effect: Still processing “Too Good”“Fire & Desire”Stand-out lyric: “Talk about you like you’ll never leave his side / But I don’t really buy it”Is it about Rihanna? Remember how Aubrey just mentioned Rihanna seeing somebody else? Let’s talk about how “Fire & Desire” is about his devotion to a “real-ass woman” who’s with somebody else.

We went to the Cheesecake Factory one time, got into a bit of an argument over whether to order deep fried pickles or just stick to our main courses, and despite him taking me to the mall after (it was the Cheesecake Factory attached to the Galleria), we couldn’t come back from it. And then, he goes so far to ask if he should get rid of the other women in his life, and how he’s dedicated and devoted to this particular person.

Seasonal effect: Nadda Emotional effect: Hello darkness my old friend“Redemption”Stand-out lyric: “Why do I settle for women that force me to pick up the pieces? I mean, hi: Drake and Rihanna were once together, and it obviously didn’t work out, and girlfriend is the definition of an independent woman.

/ Why do I want an independent woman to feel like she needs me? So this gets a solid, “Oh boy — Drizzy fucked up, and this explains the Sad Drake™ memes.”But this track is also bummer city in a general sense: dude takes up with someone, he tries and fails to navigate his thoughts and feelings in an authentic way, and he addresses his subject as if they’re having a chat.Rihanna cancelled her Grammys performance, if you recall, so she is absolutely not here in this song about them.That said, here is an incredibly stressful song about Drake’s evolution as a musical gift from above.Seasonal effect: Literally nothing Emotional affect: You know what? I mean, probably not, because Rihanna has said on several occasions that they’re only friends. This song is about having high expectations, about coming to realizations, and about believing they’re each too good to each other which will inevitably lead to their demise. And Rihanna is also still emotionally invested, and man alive: this album was worth it for this song alone. I don’t care because I am still processing the above-mentioned song and this track lasts less than two minutes.Same.“Child’s Play”Stand-out lyric: “Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake / You know I love to go there”Is it about Rihanna? Seasonal effect: Wow, they really just gave up on this didn’t they? Rihanna)Stand-out lyric: “I don’t know how to talk to you / I just know I found myself getting lost with you / Lately you just make me work too hard for you / Got me on flights overseas, and I still can’t get across to you”Is it about Rihanna? She is right here and she is singing and sharing and engaging in this song about a star-crossed couple who can’t even around each other because it’s all just too much. But the instrumentals sound a bit like “Kiss It Better,” so there’s that.But this song isn’t reserved for romantic acknowledgement.