Her unique site encourages daters to get support from their friends to help them find love online – from getting them to write dating profiles to avoid the cringe factor of describing yourself, to encouraging friends to help choose matches.

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So you chatted online, arranged to meet, it seemed to go well, then… For whatever reason, it didn’t turn into the magical romance you had envisaged.

Don’t be too disappointed – there could be a thousand and one reasons why it didn’t happen, so don’t blame yourself and don’t let it dent your confidence.

Your gallery is the opportunity to show your passions and interests, so post that picture of you on your trusty bike, visiting the V&A museum or travelling in India. You’ve got your profile finished and you’re ready to go.

You’ve searched the streams of profiles and someone has caught your eye. Don’t be a shrinking violet and sit there patiently hoping that he or she will spot you, too, and start chatting. Don’t sit there waiting for Prince Charming to decide he might like to start wooing you – you could be waiting for a long while.

You might strike it lucky and meet Mr or Mrs Right on the first roll of the dating dice, but you should view your online dating journey as an opportunity to meet people you may never normally meet, hoping that you may even learn something new about yourself while doing so. You want to sound confident but not arrogant, and when approaching it for the first time you may find you have writer’s block. The great thing about dating sites like My Single Friend is that your friends can also contribute to your profile, and they won’t find it as hard to wax lyrical about how fabulous you are.

For some people embarking on it for the first time, the idea of meeting someone online may seem a little intimidating at first, but once you start you will wonder what you were worrying about. Multiple friends can add to your profile, too – the more the merrier.

You can also meet more people for pre-dates that you may have been on the fence about when chatting.

What do you have to lose – other than the price of a cappuccino?

When it comes to chatting online, sites always advise the more the merrier.