The reader response is overwhelming, but the biggest surprise is Parker’s realization of what she really wants out of life.Sometimes friendships start at a young age or in elementary school, which is how the relationship between Parker and Aaron began.

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They know everything about each other—from dating mishaps to the fact that he doesn’t love his current girlfriend, which makes his sudden engagement all the more surprising.

Unable to focus on much besides Aaron and his relationship, Parker pens an anonymous letter to her own column asking for advice.

"Black Coffee" puts everyone in a generic "House Beautiful" environment.

Robert (Darrin Dewitt Henson) leaves his sleeping girlfriend Mita (Erica Hubbard) in bed to go to work, but not before she sweetly kisses him goodbye and asks if he "left the check" for her on the counter.

"Black Coffee" is the kind of movie where a character quotes the tired old warhorse "If you love something set it free (etc.)", and it is treated like a profound and original statement.

Someone also says "Whatever is meant to be will be" (multiple times) and that is also treated like a profundity.

She apologizes for misleading him, he wanders off for greener (straighter) pastures, and then we finally get to the good part. Stacy gets encouragement from Cassie and Charles, who tell her, “What do you have to lose?

If it were, I would just choose a life that wasn’t so complicated.

Their friendship has lasted many years and is very close, but not in a romantic way.

So when Aaron tells Parker that he inadvertently asked his girlfriend to marry him, they both have to take a long look at their own feelings and relationships.

Here’s what I liked most about this: it’s not a coming-out story (and no lesbians get pregnant). ” angst, Stacy’s sexual orientation isn’t a big secret, and Stacy and Cassie (and even Charles) banter easily throughout this episode and the last about whether her love interest “likes girls, too.” Stacy’s big concern (besides upsetting her father by publicly attending the prom with another girl) is the same one all teenagers have in high school: whether the person she likes, likes her back.