(Just watch Kevin Hart.) Chappelle laughs a lot through both of these specials. When he discusses Bill Cosby’s sexual-assault trial, it doesn’t come off as tired, despite how much Cosby has already been talked about.

Both sets start off with Chappelle talking about shows that went poorly. Chappelle, unafraid to be on the wrong side of an argument in a joke, is candid about his personal difficulty in believing that Cosby would do such a thing.

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However, being the comedian he is, maybe Chappelle saw an effective way to make a point, as he told Allen University: “The idea of being courageous is that even though you’re scared, you just do the right thing anyway. And in November, I made a deal for $60 million.” Or more likely, it’s all about optics.

By releasing these specials together, with another promised down the line, this doesn’t feel like a comeback.

Almost 2 years have passed since I came close to dying from what would have been the most embarrassing legacy in the history of my family: Cross Fit. My personal life, on the other hand, was quite a mess.

Lifting heavy almost every day, consuming pounds of the best grass fed beef the North West had to offer, working from home as a contractor and pretty much living a great lifestyle for performance and what everyone these days is calling “gains.” I felt stronger than I had ever been and was confident in everything I was doing at the time.

By the time I was done my gas smelling jeans were being thrown in a garbage bag and I felt like I had just been through many Hero WODs in one day.

Props to you manual labor guys, the long haul is tough.But hey, we’ve always been told people perform better with some stress over none.Who am I kidding, I swim in stress and it’s made me Darth Vader strong.It feels like a document of a person who has been coming back.Just like the two hours I watched 14 years ago, watching these two hours makes it feel like Chappelle is working toward something.It might seem minor, but it is at the heart of Chappelle’s comedy. Both stories functioned the same way, essentially telling the audience, “You might have heard I’ve had some bad shows, but this isn’t going to be that. The biggest problem with succeeds because Chappelle focuses less on current events and more on the culture surrounding them.