“If those lettuce leaves had no have to arrive from someplace—they don’t arrive from nothing.

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I mean, they might turn our stomach, but they’re not infectious.” To be clear, he’s not telling you to eat soupy lettuce—if a food item seems gross, throw it out.

But if it looks and tastes okay a few days after the date, go ahead and eat it.

Montana requires milk to be thrown away 12 days after pasteurization, despite a lack of scientific evidence to support this practice.

Sometimes, the date is prefaced by the words “use by” or “best before.” Sometimes it’s a “sell by” date. And the trouble with date labels extends beyond the dairy case and into the rest of the grocery store aisles.

But there’s rarely reason to fret if your food is past date, says Emily Broad Leib, director of the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic.

“There are a small handful of foods that shouldn’t be sitting in your refrigerator for such a long time—there is a safety risk.

Maps of a state’s favorite or most well-known food are nothing new (Idaho is indeed known for its finger steaks, according to a poll from the Cooking Channel). The data was gathered by the Hater application, a new dating service that matches people based on their dislikes. The food consists of dumplings, buns and rolled noodles, among other things.

The Daily Meal recently published an article on the most hated foods in the United States as compared to their perception around the world. Dim sum is, in simple terms, a Chinese version of tapas: customers sit down, drink tea and choose the food they want to, which is traditionally carted around the restaurant.

Hater, which launched in February, matches you with people who hate the same things you do, based on the idea that "mutual dislikes can bring people closer than their shared interests." On the app, users can swipe in four directions — down to hate, up to love, left to dislike, and right to like — on about 3,000 different topics ranging from cilantro to slow walkers.