Research has found 44 per cent of unemployed Muslim women say they are unable to work because they look after the home, compared to 16 per cent of unemployed women among the wider UK population.

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He wants to give his own children a similar religious environment. “If the children don’t learn it now they won’t be able to read it properly or understand the meaning of the prayers.” Islam is not faith in isolation.

It teaches faith, morality and human relations as a whole, and children must learn it early if they are to fully master it.

Similarly, other research has shown British Pakistani women are much more likely to be asked whether they have plans to get married or have children, with 1 in 8 being asked, compared to 1 in 30 white women.

The report also noted many Muslims feel the Prevent programme is a source of fear and anxiety among their communities, due to concerns it unfairly impacted on them.

While it is conceivable that this policy may change in the future due to official concerns about international terrorism, there has yet to be any public indication of such an effort.

Introducing such a policy might lead to objections by the Japanese public that the government has no business inquiring into matters of religion, which is regarded by most Japanese as a strictly personal affair that should exist outside of the public sphere.

While women’s rights there may require work and vigilance, blatantly selling bound women in the street anywhere in the UK would not only not be tolerated but met with swift reprisal, no matter what religion or nationality the sellers might be.

There is no place anywhere on the written application where one specifies their religion or creed.

There is also no truth to the claim that that you cannot import a Koran into Japan. and according to an article on the web site At the mosque in Ebina, Kanagawa Prefecture, about 10 children around age 10 are learning the Arabic alphabet.