Her hair is a tad longer than the short bob she debuted for the drama and for the event she chose a wide shouldered suit with a single large button taper in the middle fanning into a flare at the waist paired with a bell bottom suit pants.

han ji won dating-69

Because there are good points and bad points to publishing, he did not want to publish this information .

Since no information about his dating can be found, it’s unknown if he has a current girlfriend.

He is considered one of the major actors who lead the South Korea’s theater world in the future.

For recent romance, it revealed that there was at the time only recently entered the filming of “Five Fingers.” Even then to love, to say that absolutely hidden associate .

Two days ago, the actress snapped a photo of her and BTS’s Taehyung having fun during their brunch together.

In the picture you can see both stars smiling looking happy together.

They co-starred in the drama “Healer.” A scene in which Ji Chang-wook is embracing the Park Min-young from behind ,and from the fact that there was a rich love scene, this spread rumors of love among fans.

Wake of rumors have struck since the photograph that has been up on the net.

There have been a few scandals reported about him since he became an actor because he is extra careful that his romance isn’t leaked in public. A top star can usually get noticed easily and soon a crowd of people gather around him however hard he tries not to be found out.

Precisely because he understands that the impact of the private on the work is secretive .

Ji began his career as a struggling actor in musical theatre.