Teachers return on 1 September, pupils usually on 2 September, but that might vary depending on how the weekend falls.

All Saints holidays start on the last weekend of October before 1 November and last two weeks since 2012 (before it lasted a week and a half).

Whether you're looking to embark on a romantic getaway or simply wanting to explore one of Europe's most popular destinations, Paris makes for an ideal mini-holiday.

The city's maze of cobbled backstreets and grand, sweeping avenues are a delight to explore.

The Picasso Museum in the Marais district is dedicated to the work of Pablo Picasso and holds over 5,000 pieces of his art.

Situated in a 17th century mansion, The Hotel Salé, it includes paintings, ceramics, sculptures, and drawings by the famous artist.

Easter holidays last two weeks and are distributed in France depending on zones between the second week of April and the first week of May.

The three zones (A, B and C) dictate when a school at a particular location will have its holiday.There are so many outstanding museums and galleries in Paris that it’s hard to choose just a few.The Musée d'Orsay, a former railway station, opened its doors in 1986 and contains a number of important paintings and sculptures, such as Whistler’s Mother and Monet's Blue Water Lilies.Nevertheless, the synchronized school holiday schedules still cause some crowding effects as families head to popular holiday locations, especially in the summer at the beginning and end of the months in July and August when the traffic jams are a regular feature of the news bulletins.The summer holidays officially begins in early July[1] for all state schools and all students, whatever their age or type of school start their new school year at the beginning of September.These correspond to French national holidays or to religious holidays from the Christian calendar.