"In this Juarez-El Paso corridor we are beginning to make confiscations and some arrests linked to the CJNG," Will R.

Glaspy, a special agent with the US Drug Enforcement Administration and chief of the El Paso division, told Mexican news magazine Proceso.

The violence continued falling between 20, driven down by civil-society and citizen-security efforts, but also likely by the triumph of the Sinaloa cartel in its fight with the Juarez cartel for control of the plaza, or trafficking territory, in and around the city.

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"The government, in their statements to the newspapers, starting in August ...

was saying that the uptick in violence was due to things happening in the local, domestic methamphetamine trade," Molloy told Business Insider.

Ciudad Juarez — just across the border from El Paso, Texas — has long been coveted by Mexico's narco traffickers, representing a gateway into the voracious US drug market.

Fighting for control of Juarez turned it into one of the most violent cities in the world between 20, but, much to the relief of people on both sides of the border, that violence has eased.

The bodies of seven men with signs of torture and bullet wounds were found alongside three banners threatening rival gangs. I would find the mayor, oftentimes, spending part of the day praying for a miracle.

The military was brought in, a move that many human rights activists to this day say made the violence even worse," Alfredo Corchado, a Dallas Morning News contributor and author, said during a panel discussion at the Wilson Center in Washington, DC, in early February."It is clear that with the change of government, there also comes a struggle for control among criminal rackets, especially in Juarez and Chihuahua City," Howard Campbell, an anthropologist and expert on national security at the University of Texas at El Paso, told The El Paso Times in August."When a new regimen comes, there usually is a 'cleaning of the house' in the criminal world," he said at the time.along with a narco mensaje," or narco message, Corchado said. The mensaje was, 'this is a warning to anyone who sells crystal meth.'" Added to the lethal mix in Juarez is the reported arrival of the Jalisco New Generation cartel, or CJNG.Formed around 2010 from a former branch of the Sinaloa cartel in southwest Jalisco state, the eponymous cartel has surged to the top of Mexico's narco hierarchy in recent years.local election, the state and municipal elections, which took place in July, and then the new people take office in October," Molloy told Business Insider.