Lok has the determination to succeed in his career, but he cannot choose between Mandy and Yan.Daniel met Yuko (Michelle Chia) when he was in Singapore for the competition, and has started a game of "hide and seek" in love with her since.In 2015, Myolie left TVB after 16 years to explore new prospects.

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Charmaine then realized how complicated Julian's family was, and they could never really have a future together.

At the same time, the appearance of Julian's childhood friend; the beautiful Belinda (Loh Bik Kei) and a mysterious gentle doctor Sammul (Chen Kwok Bong) increased the distance between them?

So here’s a recap of Hong Kong stars we used to worship back in the day, but have long forgotten about. Since then, Ron has frequently been a contender for TVB’s Best Actor and Favourite TV character award.

He was also among the four TVB actors selected to be the spokespeople of the 2006 World Cup alongside Raymond Lam, Kevin Cheng and Bosco Wong.

In 2006, Charmaine became the first ever TVB actress to bag two major awards at a single TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony, winning the Best Actress Award and My Favourite Female TV Character for her performance in Maidens’ Vow.

She also became the first actress to be crowned double TV Queen twice.It has also turned four Hong Kong people, Chan Ka Lok (Kevin Cheng), Yau Hok Lai Daniel (Raymond Lam), Chow Man Hei Mandy (Charmaine Sheh), Chow Chi Yan (Tavia Yeung) and Singaporean Terry Ng (Yeo Chee Leong) from stangers into good friends.After the competition, they kept in touch from each other, although they have experienced life's ups and downs individually, their friendships have remained unchanged. Every weekday at 10, we would camp in front of our TVs without fail, waiting for the latest TVB drama to start airing.But as we got older, TV stopped being a thing, and we subsequently forgot about our favourite Cantonese-speaking actors. The dashing 36-year-old won TVB’s Most Improved Actor Award in 2004 with his performance in Twin of Brothers, but he only became a household name after drama series Triumph in the Skies aired.Feeling remorseful, Julian set himself to heal Charmaine, falling madly in love with her in the process. s mother (Lui San) hated Charmaine because she was too poor and also ?