And I am reminded over and over that they are just normal people.At Humanitas good neighbour somehow means being part local, part-friend, part-grandchild, part-social worker, part-healthcare provider, and some days it means teaching an 84-year-old woman to play beer pong.

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“Young people are so focused on their future that they don’t notice things like how beautiful this park is, they’re just racing through it on their way to work or school.” But they know that as well as making life enjoyable for the residents at Humanitas, they also have a serious role to play.

And Jordi feels added responsibility in the dementia ward.

“It’s a nice feeling to help them find their final moments of happiness.” See the full story at the top of the page, plus also catch up on Insight's discussion on aged care in Australia Like most of us, I'm afraid of getting old and of the loneliness that seems to come with old age. REPORTER: And you do that a lot with the residents? JURRIEN MENTINK, HUMANITAS RESIDENT (Translation): I was lucky to be one of the first students to apply, but I didn’t know that at the time. JORDI PRONK (Translation): It’s most important that we can all be ourselves and so we all interact in different ways with the residents.

One of Jordi's favourite ways to spend time with his neighbours is by taking them around the town of Deventer, in the specialised tandem bicycle.

He’s one of six students who live rent free at the Humanitas aged care home in Deventer near Amsterdam.

In return, they agree to spend at least 30 hours a month socialising with the older residents.Those two shortages prompted Humanitas to come up with this cheap way of providing better care, and company, for their residents.“I think that the students influence the whole tone of the conversation here,” CEO Gea Sijpkes explains on the thinking behind her idea.“Students struggle to find housing in the Netherlands, especially in big cities,” Jurrien tells Dateline's Aaron Lewis.“I pay nothing to live here.” Gea Sijpkes wants to provide more than just healthcare in her aged care home in Holland, she wants the residents to find excitement and a smile every day.#Act With RAINN to help us protect survivors and prevent sexual violence.