A deeper understanding of single men and women can be immensely helpful in navigating through the five different stages of dating: attraction, uncertainty, commitment, intimacy, and engagement.

With this new insight, it will be easier to interpret each other's behavior correctly and act accordingly.

We feel relaxed enough to let down our guard and share ourselves more deeply than before.

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Whether you are recently separated, divorced, or you have been in the singles scene for longer than you want, this insightful guide will help you navigate the dating maze and find that special person you've been waiting for.

By discussing the differences between men and women, Mars and Venus on a Date provides singles with: Filled with practical guidelines, inventive techniques, and witty insight, Mars and Venus on a Date will help single men and women explore the world of dating, understand how to make good choices, and discover the secret to finding a soul mate. D., is one of the world’s leading relationship experts, and an authority on improving communication styles for couples, companies, and communities.

With a clear understanding of how men and women approach dating differently, you will be able to put your best foot forward.

In stage two, we experience a shift from feeling attraction to feeling uncertain that our partner is right for us.

In stage three we feel a desire to date a person exclusively.

We want the opportunity to give and receive love in a special relationship without competition.

The challenge in this stage is to recognize this uncertainty as normal and not be swayed by it.

To become uncertain doesn't mean that someone is not right for you.

We feel powerless at times to get what we want in our relationships. Once men and women learn how they approach dating and relationships differently, then we have the necessary information and insight to begin finding the answers to our questions.