"A schedule consists of a list of times at which tasks, events, or actions are intended to take place in the chronological order in which such things are intended to take place."Create a very simple MS Project plan to build a tree house for your kids.

Although it is possible to create a schedule in Microsoft Project without assigning resources to the tasks.

In the first exercise that we did, we did not use resources - BUT doing so will mean that we can tap into a lot more of Project's capabilities.

Now, in this lesson - we will learn how to tie the two together - that is - tasks and resources.

When you assign a task to a resource - you are creating an ALLOCATION.

This is a simple enough concept but it is very important to understand clearly.

When you as a project manager, decide that developer John will code the login page - you are making a task allocation to a resource.

Now we come to the next important concept in Microsoft Project - RESOURCES. Resources are typically people included in your project plan.

However, a resource could also include anything and everything that is used to complete a project, including, equipment, facilities and other materials (like cement or Web servers or software).

As you already know, work on any project is broken up into tasks.