Our director for this last episode, Helen Shaver, she's very good in the realm of sexuality. A lot of the moving parts in that scene were added by her.

It's almost like Rachel's inspecting Paul like he's a derby horse -- looking at his teeth, making sure that he's clean and worthy of her. (.) The scene between the two of them, and Art, is brilliant too.

Paul's not helping himself in the friend department this season now that he's on the other side of things.

" It was a genius move to put Paul in that world because that dynamic between those three characters is interesting, and I think it was a surprise for the viewers as well. You think Paul is on the good team and now he's on the bad team. Paul says it doesn't bother him that Cal is back in Sarah's orbit. When he slept with Sarah, she initiated the intimacy and now he sleeps with Rachel, she again initiates the intimacy.

So he's definitely not a prude but he's definitely not the aggressor in the situation.

(I thought she would have some sort of sex room with a swing or something. It's very sexy on a completely different level than other sex scenes that I've seen on television. Q&A: ' Orphan Black' Declassified Features Maria Doyle Kennedy on Mrs.

S' Secrets, Racy Past At the beginning of the season, Paul was still trying to help Sarah, but now, that’s put into question. There’s a certain level of need for Paul to help Sarah because of what happened to Beth. At the same time, it doesn’t feel like she has that deep of feelings for him, so it’s almost mutual.

You Tuber Alissa Violet has been the subject of a lot of rumors over the past few months after she reportedly broke up with social media star Jake Paul.

Fans have since speculated about ongoing drama within her squad (particularly concerning her friend Tessa Brooks), but few details were actually known about the whole situation — until now, that is.He does feel a little obligation to help her out, but I’m not so sure how far that goes. Will he be taking advantage of his current position?He’s in a situation right now where it's definitely to his advantage.The way I was playing it, I was trying to show the least amount of emotion because Paul's a pretty stoic character.[Paul] was not pleased at all with having to do what he had to do. When he takes the gun out of the bag and Felix is like, "What are you doing, Paul? If Paul didn't do it, [Rachel] would have gotten rid of him herself. You can post your profile, use advanced search, send and receive messages absolutely free.