If we can identify the sellers names and locations, we can turn our attention to their states' attorney general office. writes: I have had best results treating some of the affected bottles by soaking them in acetone, brushing with fine bristles while still moist, and picking the remains with a needle. and I are in complete agreement on painted embossings.Clearly Greedy Bay isn't going to take any action to stop these scams, but that doesn't mean we can't seek other ways to put them out of business! August 15, 2010 My ongoing campaign to curtail the permanent alteration of glass colors via the process of irradiation generated some very interesting food-for-thought from Robert Wayne Fults, a long-time collector of Eastern Texas and Western Louisiana Hutchinsons, fellow HBCA member, and very supportive Hutch Hutchinson specialist. But, the “painted on” Hutchinson with rubble on the embossing may never be as it was when in service. Although in some instances painting makes it easier to read embossed lettering, it isn't "natural," and therefore I have personally never liked it in the 49 years I have been collecting bottles.The second is the ' Caveat Emptor' portion of one of my sites devoted to, amongst other things, siphon bottles with fake etchings ( Caveat Emptor/Default.htm). The winning bidder probably thinks he/she obtained a real treasure, yet they were knowingly defrauded. The second siphon I'm watching is Greedy Bay 280653083252.

The sellers indicated the bottle was "found at an auction in Sussex County VA...

Please EMail any info you might have, as I have no idea what all the numbers and letters stand for." I decided to indeed help the sellers and sent them this message: Hi.

Rather than your passing the bottle on to an unsuspecting buyer, I suggest you check out these two reference sources.

The first is an e Bay Guide ( Z10000000003767570) authored by Roger Peters, a noted authority on Wisconsin soda bottles. The sellers didn't pull the listing or post my message, and let the auction run until it closed with six bids at $41 $15 P&H.

Item #280638061469 ended with 14 bids and closed at $139.16 ( $14.95 P&H).

Check out these sellers' feedback and if you recognize any of the bidders' Greedy Bay IDs, please let us know.

You are clearly reputable sellers, so I thought it worthy of sending a heads-up that your siphon bottle has a fake Coca-Cola etching.

It is unfortunate you were victimized at the auction where you acquired the bottle, and perhaps they too were conned.

Greedy Bay #260760182435 was described as a "RARE VINTAGE COCA COLA GREEN SELTZER BOTTLE SODA." Alas, I opened the item to discover it was yet another of the foreign siphons with a fake "Coca-Cola" etching.

This listing was different, however, as the sellers didn't appear to be the usual con artists peddling these, masking bidder IDs, etc.

The challenge is making it as easy as possible for people to find Hutch and such information.