Our Coordinator went above and beyond to help us when we needed it and was very responsive.

We are also extremely happy with the quality and quantity of photos taken, as well as the high quality of the photobook we received in our package.

I have and will continue to recommend George Street to anyone looking for a quality, professional, and affordable photography company.

There was always someone to answer our questions, which was great. We loved our photographer and videographer If i could give them a ZERO I would.

We had an amazing day but our pictures were terrible.

First we were denied the ability to talk with a manager. However, working with the overall website proved difficult at times.

The when we FINALLY (months later and after the wedding) received contact from a manager asking to hear our concerns, she completely ignored my response. Early on, we had a couple questions we submitted through the pre-session questionnaire that went unanswered and were unable to speak with our photographer until one week out.She did more behind the scenes shots and seemed more quiet and reserved. We're glad you had such a positive experience working with Terri for both your engagement and wedding photos.Our videographer, Gigi, was spunky and full of life. Thanks again for letting us be part of this special day! My husband and I got married on 8/5, our package included a lead photographer, associate photographer, and videographer. We're happy to hear about your positive experience with us! My husband and I got married this past April in Georgetown, SC.She got a ton of shots before, during, and after our ceremony and even stayed a little over her time to make sure she got the bouquet toss and a couple extra shots she wanted. We are so happy with our decision to get the videographer. Everything happened so fast and we are so happy we had all 3 to capture it all. Having two photographers and a videographer really does make a difference in how much of your big day is captured. As I was searching for a wedding photographer, I ran across George Street Photo, and I am so glad I did!The ability to pick our photographer that fit our style was just perfect, he listened to us and was very efficient. From the beginning, the George Street team was exceedingly accommodating and timely in helping answer any questions we had.Our main photographer, Terri, did our engagement photos and was with us on our wedding day for 10 hours.