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“Yes, it’s all about me and my schedule.” He’s hoping the nature of the site will accelerate the process.

“One thing I like about the online thing is we’re emailing a lot before meeting, so the first date isn’t a typical get-to-know-you first date.

We already know a lot about each other and, assuming the chemistry is there on a first date, I'll be removing my profile ASAP.” With more than 24 million single Catholics in the country – a record number – Rulli is in good company.

He is one of many who has joined Catholic Match between the holidays and Valentine’s Day, a period members say is particularly hard to be single.

It is up to us, the people, to find, fund, develop, and disseminate these technologies so that we may repair the damage we’ve done and live in peaceful abundance.

If you wish to prove for yourself the truth about ET/UFOs, you can follow CSETI’s contact protocol to make contact with cosmic civilizations.

Rulli’s subscription to Catholic Match came as the result of an on-air challenge to find “the one,” and he’s apt to chronicle the experience on his wildly popular show.

But that doesn’t mean the Sirius host who makes light of every situation isn’t serious about this one.

PITTSBURGH – Watch out, ladies: The notoriously single Lino Rulli, host of the Sirius radio program “The Catholic Guy,” has joined Catholic Match.

The 38-year-old Manhattan resident is hoping the world’s largest Catholic dating site can achieve the impossible: find him a nice Catholic wife.

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