Do things because they get you closer to your goals, or because you like to do them.This is a tip that I didn’t necessarily have to learn from first-hand experience, but it’s something I’ve noticed a lot of students not doing, and I’m here to say they need to start.2014 update – I made a video that goes more in-depth on this tip: Now, this is a tip you’ll need to judge on a case-by-case basis; there’s always that one sadistic professor in your school who will are few and far in between.

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This is mind-bogglingly stupid; schools will send important information about classes, critical dates, events, and more to your email. I’m not saying you have to check your email every hour (in fact, I’m trying to get away from this habit), but it’s a good idea to check it at least once a day.

You should also take the time to archive or delete any messages that aren’t currently important or relevant to you; this helps you keep your inbox organized and makes pertinent items easier to see.

If your school has any big events – like huge football games or annual celebrations – you’ll most likely be expected to be around in case shit hits the fan. Are you comfortable with confronting situations and being assertive? Maybe I’m wrong and your dad a basketball star, but that’s beside the point.

Can you deal with being restricted to your hall on certain nights? However, you need to make sure you’re ready for the responsibility. The difference between these two people is easy to tell; one of them did one thing and became amazing at it, the other did lots of things and never became amazing at any of them.

In my experience, I’ve been able to safely quit reading altogether after the first test in most of my classes and still pull down epic test scores.

Once you’ve saved yourself a ton of time using this strategy, you can devote some of it to reading some actually useful When I started my sophomore year, I took a good look at my resume and said, “I NEED MOAR STUFF!

At the same time, I was still juggling a full course load and 20 hours a week at my job. Sure, I got a bunch of stuff to put on resume, but none of it necessarily helped me get any closer to my goals.

I was so concerned with impressing recruiters that I didn’t even know, that I ended up parting out my time to projects and commitments I didn’t really care about.

Due to this, you can usually skim or altogether skip a good amount of your assigned reading as long as you’re paying good attention during class and taking effective notes.

I’d recommend doing reading assignments when the semester begins, and then gauging their usefulness by comparing what you read to what’s presented in class and what ends up on the first test.

At my school, you’re the RA of a certain “house” – a community of anywhere between 40-65 students.