We are not working with any of the hotels for attendee accommodations, but there are many hotels available within walking distance of the venue: Portland is a very accessible city and there are many transportation options available, public and otherwise.Portland International Airport (PDX) is a great airport, with direct flights from many destinations.

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There are two bike rental companies in downtown Portland that may be good options if you want to experience Portland by bike (which we very much recommend!

Poppy Storm (Director of Policy and Planning at Ecotope) will discuss Seattleā€™s energy use intensity (EUI) and greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and some of the voluntary and non-voluntary policies the City is developing to achieve them.

Your purchase will be considered a sponsorship, and you'll be listed as a community supporter on our website.

We have a few opportunities for folks that can't afford the independent tickets, but still want to attend. We have a ton of stuff to do during the conference, and before.

If you have any questions, or would like to apply for a free ticket, please email us at [email protected] we'll be glad to help you out!

You could also become a volunteer and receive a complementary ticket, or get a discount code when you submit a proposal to be one of our speakers! Choose this ticket if you're representing a yourself and would like your name listed as a supporter, independent from your employer.

This means their detours will only matter during the day of the hike.

They may be your lifeline during the rest of the conference. The closest stops to the venue are also on Couch Street.

There is a MAX station for the red line in the airport itself.