The flash drive is formated to FAT32 so the ps3 can read it. I made two folders and copied it letter for letter and put the update date on there.

Well my problem is my ps3 still won't read the flash drive and can not get any farther.

This is patch 1.26 and its failing at 14on the 256MB could you be so kind and reload your files on the server. Isnt it ironic that everyone has a failure at 14% during installation. RELOAD THE FILES ON THE SERVER, is that too much to ask for ?????????????? Had no problems on my previous system, upgraded but now I cant seem to update GTA.

updating my ps3-43

I recently bought a 1 tb western digital 2.5 inch 5400 rpm SATA hard drive to replace my 160 gb.

i don't mind not backing up my data and will just redownload the games I want off PSN and get my game date from the cloud.

i've enter save mode to restore file and rebuild database and load update again it's still end up at 14% Im trying to download this in 2015 on a PS3 and you still havent resolved the issue. From multiple internet connections, system recovery mode2,3,4, disabling media server and clearing the cache.

Sony stupid response is soooooooooo annoying, because if they tried this once you will see the download fails during installation and has nothing to do with busy servers. Or say it cant be fixed, im wasting my time and i should just do something else.

PUPNow plug your external HDD into the USB drive of your PS3. It is actually going to tell you to press certain buttons to load the software. (it took me 5 times before I stopped and actually read what it was saying lol).

Plug your controller into its charging cord as well. After you do what it says, it will format your new HDD and intall your new update from your external HDD. After you are back into the XMB go back to the backup option and select backup and do restore.Install corrupts at 14% of the 6/21 update (9% of total) without fail. When I try to get online it says "Success, a new downloadable content pack has been downloaded and installed.Returning to Grand Theft Auto V and it kicks me back to the story mode.This is my first time doing this and if I have my facts wrong on anything I appreciate it the help. If you are using an external HDD to backup your data then you will need to format it to Fat32.I have looked on youtube, google, and all are showing me the same things and I don't know if I am just missing something. Thanks I just upgraded my HDD as well to a 1TB hard drive. There is a program that will do this for you on the internet and you just need to do a quick format not the full one.Had no problems on my previous system, upgraded but now I cant seem to update GTA.