Once inside, you can share all kinds of in-browser media: Netflix, Hulu, You Tube, MLB.com, and even collaborative documents in Google Drive. To share a room with friends, just copy a link and send it to them.All the while, Facebook-style Chatheads remain at the bottom, and the service automatically lets whoever wants to talk, talk. The potential applications are broad; businesses can use it to host conferences, Temkin stressed.It's really impressive and has been a great pairing for us," said Tinder CTO Ryan Ogle.

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Of the many unusual stories about her origins, one the strangest is that her name was not originally ALICE, but . But, our early PNAMBIC program was running on a machine someone had already named lehigh.edu, so people began calling her "Alice". During 2004, Pandorabots has completely revised the look and feel of their web based interface, reorganizing many functions.

was quickly adapted to handle the general chit-chat and conversation that people tried to have with her. and robot projects that couldn't really work without human intervention, we felt it was appropriate for a system that based supposedly on the hoax and triks of ELIZA.

Tinder has seen rapid growth since it launched in September 2012.

In January it was revealed that the dating had passed the five billion "matches" milestone and was handling 1.5 billion "swipes" every day and adding 21 million new matches on a daily basis.

Originally, the team behind Rabbit wanted to avoid the fragmentation that comes when you build an app for too many platforms. So the team went back to the drawing board with the goal of launching a new, more lightweight Rabbit that played nicely across different platforms.

But, in order to use the it, you had to install plugins and accept a bunch of permissions, including logging in with your Facebook account. If you were going to build a product around the concept of sharing an experience, the thinking goes, you needed to strip it of as many of the old version’s barriers as possible.“In the current version we don’t have public rooms, anyway.You can’t share it outside of a small group of friends.“We saw that the ability to see people’s faces while watching something causes them to stay and interact,” says Temkin.“We’ve been doing a friends and family private beta, and we found that the average chat time is 77 minutes.”Yes, minutes. Once you fire it up in Chrome and grant it access to your webcam, you’re ferried into a room.But unbeknownst to Ava's unwitting suitors, they were all talking to a bot created to promote the film Ex Machina, using a photo of the robot girl played by Swedish actress Alicia Vikander.